Friday, April 30, 2010

Handicapped Stall's Big Debut

Thank you everyone who came out to support our New Play Development Workshop yesterday. Handicapped Stall had it's debut with an audience of family and friends in the Studio Theater. It's been such a wonderful journey to see Stall go from an assignment to write Seven Scenes in Seven Days (Stall was written on day seven) to a polished piece of comedy. Seeing it being read under the lights on a stage with an audience really brought it to life. One of my lines got a huge laugh while another one didn't get the laughs I hoped for. But that's okay. As Karin pointed out in her introduction "We play rough." I look forward to taking the feedback and making it even better.

Thanks again to Sara, Sam, Melissa, and Michelle for all of their hard work in bringing life to my story.

I will be starting a blog for my next project this weekend.

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