Saturday, April 24, 2010

Revision 3

Quite the journey the script has taken(: I love the new rhythm. I feel like it's a lot more natural and fluid. The first discussion we had over the script, there was question as to the girls being believable as high schoolers... I feel there is no room for doubt now!

On the new re-write, PAGE 2 - a new line has been added for Anne- "... of course not, high schoolers don't get pregnant..." Her intention with this line is unclear to me. Anne is trying to get Corrine to like her, Corrine (according to the character description) has already had sex and is reassuring herself that she's not pregnant with line ", no, it can't be". Is Anne creating more of a distance between Corrine & herself becoming friends with this new line?

I receive a text and am able to make it at 1:pm on Tuesday so we can rehearse the new script. Thank you ladies :)


  1. i had the same question with the pregnancy line. It is up to megan in the end, and I believe we can work with it either way. This line really adds to anne's awkwardness. DD will not be able to make it early on Tues because she has class until 2. I will talk to Karin Monday morning during my script class and ask her if we can have some class time on Tues or if we just have to figure out a meeting time ourselves.

  2. Thank you! I appreciate the feedback and am glad that it is working well. I'm very glad my high schoolers sound like high schoolers now.

    I'm really nervous about the pregnancy line too. I saw it as her awkward way at making a joke. I'm really interested in seeing how it sounds. It's one of those lines for me that once I hear it, I will know instantly if it's going to work or if it's going to thud. The audience reaction tomorrow is going to be hugely beneficial. I do hope it works though. If it doesn't it's all on me.

    I am very confident about tomorrow's reading. All of you have done an amazing job of guiding my script from rough draft to a polished piece of comedy. I am very grateful to all of you for the effort you've put in on my behalf. I am very excited to share it tomorrow.